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I’m El, 17 years old. This is a secondary blog so I’m not always active here unless it’s the on season of Legend of Korra. I mainly post ATLA and LoK and reblog some Soshi, so I guess you can consider me multifandom? I started this blog around 2012 when the first season of LoK aired and I’ve been here since. (But in between I’ve gone through various fandoms…what started out as an Avatar blog kinda transitioned into a Soshi blog mid 2013) Some random facts about me:

  • Toph is my fave. I worship the Bei Fongs
  • Tokka to me is like hair loopies to Katara 
  • Taeyeon is my bias in Soshi 
  • I’ll be starting university in Toronto this coming September (・∀・)
  • message me if you want to know my main blog!

Enjoy your stay! ∩( ・ω・)∩